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Gouache Lippy Set

I still haven’t planned what I will be illustrating, but I think if I try painting some small everyday objects, that I might a) stop freaking out so much and b) perhaps hit on an illustration idea. Read more…

Fun February

Usually at the beginning of a new year I revisit the previous years achievements and misdemeanours to help structure the upcoming months. I won’t be doing that this year. Read more…

Baubles or himmeli?

printing I can’t believe Christmas is less than two weeks away! As we’re moving house next week I haven’t put out any decorations. Bah humbug! I know! But, I didn’t really see the point of unpacking my decorations just to put them away the next day. Instead, I have been getting my festive cheer on […] Read more…

Aussie summers

Summer ‘down under’ is only a day away which means that it’s time to dig out the shorts, dial up the sun factor, and fire up the barbie. Prawn anyone? Read more…

Tinned Fish – Stamp & Lampshade

Just like the last ink stamp project, the first version wasn’t quite what I had imagined, so I carved a new one. Time consuming, but worth it because I now have a lovely new hand printed lampshade for my desk. Read more…

Close, but no cigar tile stamp.

My latest is one of the simplest tile formats I could find on Pinterest; a one corner connecting, turn 90 degrees to create larger pattern design. No doubt there’s a proper name for this particular type, but for now I will call it the ‘Again, not quite right’. Read more…

Repeating tile stamp…

As you can see I had another quick go at creating a repeating stamp tile. My slapdash attitude to the corners clearly needs improving, but nothing a ruler and preplanning can’t fix (I hope). Read more…

Hello…it’s been a while.

Today, I revisited Ezy Carve thanks to a little prompt from Skillshare video called ‘Linocut Patterns’ by Dominic Righini-Brand. My stamp is less than useful, but I was reminded of how I got so wrapped up in patterns, and that perhaps a revisit is long overdue? Read more…

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